Monday, September 13, 2004

For the People, By the People: Monday

Lancers Reactor now offers the Epsilon v2.7.1 Data Files for IFSO (IONCROSS Freelancer Server Operator mk.IV). The package simplifies the installation of Epsilon mods to a server. Epsilon itself is a single-player and multiplayer mod that includes new ships, weapons, and hardware.

Freespace 2:
Blaise Russell (BR) has released another campaign for Freespace 2. Here is a description from BR's post at HLP regarding Shrouding the Light:

A year has passed since the destruction of the Lucifer and the flight of the Shivan armada. In the year 2336, the Terran and Vasudan peoples attempt to reclaim their former empires and piece together their shattered lives. However, dissidents and splinter groups from within jeopardise their hopes of peace - fighting for independence or against hated alien foes. In the midst of all this turmoil, you are transferred, from the safety of the 1st Battlegroup of Vasuda to the 13th Battlegroup's PVD Guardian and the troubled hotspot of Deneb. . .

Requirements for StL can be found in the same post or at BR's StL page.

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