Saturday, September 18, 2004

Freelancer TNG v2.0 Mod (And No, Not that TNG)

I haven't really begun to seriously cruise the fansites yet, but this mod is so huge, I think it deserves its own post. Starfyre Studios has released its 90MB Freelancer modification--The Next Generation v2.0. This is one meaty mod, so I'm only going to post the twenty-nine point list. Please check this post at the Lancers Reactor for full notes and a download link.

1. Over 75 new ships added to the Freelancer Universe.
2. Over 500 new pieces of equipment (Weapons, shields, engines, thrusters, upgrades, and more)!
3. Over 20 new commodities for you to buy and sell.
4. Over 40 new music tracks for systems, bars, and intros.
5. Over 45 new sounds for various equipment & weapons.
6. 3 buyable battle stations for players.
7. Core return program for expensive ships.
8. 10 additional systems.
9. 14 additional factions.
10. A gauntlet in the arena for players to run with over 20 grueling trials.
11. Internal police featuring Starfyre creators & ships.
12. New costumes for Trent, Juni, and King.
13. An arena system where players can test there metal against NPC or PVP.
14. Planets use a new system for docking, no more old docking rings.
15. New Freelancer menu with advanced options (Difficulty level, more graphic, key, & sound options).
16. Player ships now drop loot when killed.
17. Greatly improved ship customization options.
18. New movement & ship controls.
19. Upgraded graphics, sound, and physics engine.
20. Massive explosion / weapon enhancements.
21. Greatly enhanced “Identity” engine.
22. Greatly improved AI tactical & offensive capabilities.
23. Improved & more difficult single player campaign mode.
24. Anti-Hack / Cheat systems to help improve game integrity.
25. Police system for administrators.
26. New solo missions, Capital ship missions.
27. New group missions, Battle stations.
28. Different starting ship.
29. An extremely comprehensive & detailed manual.

EDITED (September 19, 2004): Not the mod you're looking for--apparently, the posted mod was not ready for primetime. Lancers Reactor has pulled it pending the release of the correct file.

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