Monday, September 20, 2004

Freelancer: TNG Mod v2.0 (Really, Truly, Seriously)

The Freelancer TNG mod v2.0 has been re-released; everything seems good (hasn't been pulled since yesterday), so this should be the appropriate proper one. Really. What is the TNG mod?

The Starfyre Team of Reynen, Bob the Dog and Spawn have done an excellent job of adding to the Freelancer Universe. 10 systems, 14 factions, 75 custom ships and upgradeable power supplies, engines, scanners and tractor beams but the highlight of this version has to be the flyable stations. It's quite a site to see one flying around.

For those of you new to the The Next Generation MOD your in for a real treat. This Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible 90 Meg modification of Freelancer adds tons of all the goodies that make playing Freelancer exciting.

Read more at Lancers Reactor.

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