Wednesday, September 29, 2004

For the People, By the People: Monday through Wednesday

Bridge Commander: now hosts the Galaxy Captain's Yacht by Mr. John, the Le'Duk by Mr. John, the MVAM Fusion Cube v1.1 by Mr. John, the NX Galaxy MVAM Fix by Masterwindu, the Windrunner Prototype by Starforce Productions Team, the K'Tinga Class Battlecruiser by Wraithzero, and the Brinok by zeljko. And from the BC Universe forum, new mods include Dragon_UK's Borg E-Bridge Retexture v1.3 and Borg Crew v2.0, Zombie Zan's Melak Warbird, DJcube's Scrolling Mutators Pak, and Adonis' Borg Cone.

Freespace 2:
Gai Daigoji's nineteen-mission Neo Terra campaign can now be downloaded.

Homeworld 2:
TheStressPuppy has begun a mods tutorial thread in the HW2 Star Trek forum. Links have been added to a research tutorial, ship exporting in Maya, and weapon configuration information. HW2 Warlords, a Star Wars TC, has been updated to v0.30 Patch 2.

DamoclesX has posted another update on his upcoming B5 TC and is looking for mirrors.

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