Sunday, September 19, 2004

For the People, By the People: Sunday Drive Edition

Bridge Commander:
MadJohn has released a stack (not recommended) of Battlestar Galactica ships for use with Bridge Commander, including the

Colonial Shuttle, Haphaestus, EA Destroyer, Mineral Ship, and Armistice Station. Grab those at BC Files.

Freespace 2:
Kazan has released VP Maker v1.6. New features include:

  • "old" interface available

  • VP to VP Copy (accessable via "old interface")

There are newish screenshots at the Twisted Infinities website.


Snakebite has released the Alien Moth fix, which now allows players to complete the game's plot using the Alien Moth. Also, see this thread at Captain Zedo's.

Homeworld 2:
The good news: the Freespace 2 TC for Homeworld 2 has been updated to v.33 (beta). The bad news: the bandwidth for the month has been exceeded. If you have hosting space or simply want to know more about the latest changes in the TC, please have a
look at HLP's thread on the topic (and thanks to HLP for the heads up).

Klingon Academy:
Moogle's released another ship and now offers the Sydney Class Corvette.

There are some additional screenshots from the B5: Holding the Line mod.

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