Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ian Martin Speaks

As previously reported, Ian Martin has a slice of forum at Captain Zedo's. He's answered a few questions regarding Hardwar:

Hardwar 2:
We did have a design for Hardwar2 which was never really pursued. I don't have a copy of that which I think only extended to a couple of pages of ideas anyway - it was a prequel I recall, before the society collapsed.

It was probably a shape from our first game, Slipstream 5000, which featured a globe of Earth during the startup screens.

We may have experimented with the globe in the sky (which always seemed blan to me) at one stage, possibly to turn into a hazy Saturn through the fog; I recall creative disagreements about it. Incidentally the water was originally a similar colour to the sky - technically correct of course but not obvious that it was h20, so blue it became. Blame me for that.

No there were no plans to move HW1 into space!

Software Refinery
I don't have any contact with anyone involved in the project, but there were 2 programmers and one artist principally responsible, plus the designers, musicians, sound effects etc that came via Gremlin.

The Forty-five Degree Roll
I think that the general consensus was that Hardwar should not be a flight sim - there are too many world limits to allow that anyway. The moths may be regarded as transport helicopters, perhaps not the best thing to do barrel rolls in.

The Swallow does not really belong in Hardwar, as I stated elsewhere - it comes from a demo in which it would have had full flight capability.

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