Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Starshatter v4.0.3 Released

Matrix Games announces the availability of Starshatter v4.0.3:

Starshatter v4.0.3 is now online. You can grab your copy by clicking on the Members link from the main page and following the links to Starshatter or by going to the Downloads page. We recommend that all Starshatter owners update to this release version as soon as possible. Take a look at the change list below:

This patch fixes the following issues with
Starshatter 4.0.0

1. Fighters no longer marked killed in action when landing
2. Reduced damage radius on starbase
3. Improved landing path for allied starbase
4. Increased atmospheric AI hard deck to reduce ground
5. Campaign medals now properly awarded after completing
6. Increased stand-off range for starship target approach AI
7. Added wide-screen video mode support (1280 x 800)
8. Player self-destruct penalty is now correctly applied
9. Attack target command has been made ship-specific
10. HUD shows velocity as a negative number if ship is flying
11. Starship missiles no longer target mines
12. Added "Hold" order to tactical view Action menu
13. Campaign mission generator can now handle players assigned
to fighters stationed at ground-side starbases
14. Smooth-scrolling side views in F1 cockpit camera mode
15. AI pilots acknowledge RTB and Dock radio orders
16. Built-in data files are now filtered from the mod config
17. Adjusted aim-point for ground targets
18. Adjusted mouse wheel sampling for greater throttle precision
19. AUTO time skip will now exit when player gets near enemy
units - both for safety and to remove a minor exploit
20. Carriers will now bug out to a random sector when threatened
21. Corrected campaign scoring of sorties and kills for fighter
22. ILS hoops are now easier to see when using HUD daylight
color setting
23. Self-destruct may now be bound to a joystick key
24. Fixed aiming parameters for port-side point defense batteries
25. Fixed starboard hardpoint on Falcon fighter

This patch fixes the following issues with
Starshatter 4.0.1:

26. Fixed several CTD errors
27. Increased carrier sensor range by 50%
28. Improved carrier AI response to threats
29. Improved fighter AI RTB behavior
30. Added limited hull repair to severely damaged starships
between campaign missions
31. Fixed minor object placement issues in Hegemony order of
32. Improved point defense weapon aiming
33. Carriers will no longer bug out to a planetary sector

This patch fixes the following issues with
Starshatter 4.0.2:

34. Fixed a CTD when exiting mission with fighter on runway
35. Fixed a CTD associated with ship destruction during battle
36. Fixed a rare CTD associated with certain save games
37. Fixed fighter AI landing behavior
38. Fixed campaign duplication when deploying empty mods
39. Fixed system override function in engineering screen
40. Improved strike fighter targeting of enemy starships
41. Fixed hostile weapon damage when friendly fire is disabled
42. Added support for specular texture maps
43. Corrected several scripting errors in Operation Highland
44. Fixed minor object placement issues in Dantari order of
45. Fixed parsing of Galaxies in packaged mods

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