Friday, September 17, 2004

Independence War Paper Models Website

In Southern parlance, hot damn. The Independence War Paper Models website is now online.

Steve Robertson also answered a question about the models at the IW forum:

The Freighters were made using the original textures as a base. Hot4Darmat has tweaked them extensively, however. In fact he had to place each panel of the texture MANUALLY on the photoshop outlines as he couldn't get the textures to work in the paper model program.

The C-Fighter has been completely re-textured, as the textures on the original model weren't very detailed at all (It was after all very small on your screen). I'm fortunate in that I worked out how to get the model with textures into the editor.

Hot4Darmat also used the original, unmodified models, but I had to re-model the C-Fighter to make it buildable. I also added some extra detail that was present in the cut-scenes, but not in the real-time model.

A lot of work went into making the models, I hope you all enjoy building them. Let's see some photos of them when you've finished them!

Thanks go again to Steve Robertson and Hot4Darmat for the models and the site.

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