Sunday, September 12, 2004

For the People, By the People: Sunday Drive Edition

Lancers Reactor has word of the release of Bini Editor v1.0, which allows the user to edit compressed binary .inis.

Independence War:

Not a mod really and not exactly new, but this is so cool I had to post about it. Steve Robertson (formerly of Particle Systems) and Hot4Darmat have begun an Independence War paper ship model project and are still working towards a public release of the actual designs. For now, you can take a gander at the pics and the discussion (which includes a link to Paper Starships, which features B5, Homeworld, Star Trek, and Star Wars models--and a single Wing Commander ship).

Master of Orion 3:

The MOO3 Guardian hosts JosEPh's Easy Mod, which is designed to make the game easier for newbies, along with a trio of interface/skin mods.

A new release of Babylon 5: Hold the Line is nearing completion. For an update and ten screenshots, check out the site.

X-Wing Alliance:

Darksaber's X-Wing Station now offers the Imperial X-Wing Alliance mod, which gives various interfaces an Imperial make-over.

If you know of any mods recently released that haven't been covered, let us know by dropping a line or commenting.

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