Saturday, September 11, 2004

Star Wraith IV: Reviction v1.448

Star Wraith IV: Reviction, an independent space combat game, is now available. Latest changes follow:

- Invincibility cheat now available in Demo (create a profile with the name imacheater).
- Expanded Demo mission cut scene.
- Reverse engine thrust control now available.
- Faster missiles (200% faster) with greater ranges.
- Horizontal and vertical strafe/inertial thruster power limits increase by about 70%.
- New Cooperative Intercept Multiplayer Mode, 2 fighters + inbound torpedoes.
- Major framerate performance increase on most 3D video cards.
- Inertial thruster sound effects respond accurately for reverse thrust now also.
- HUD horizon indicator bars intensity reduced slightly and visually improved.
- Multiplayer chat box improvements.
- Warp flash occurs when players respawn in multiplayer.
- On rare occasions, players received in-combat notices while in chatroom, now fixed.
- Improved multiplayer scoring accuracy.
- EFH and EMH messages in small chat windows during Coop games fixed.
- Multiplayer mode now auto-restores when player ID/status packets are lost.
- Cooperative Assault Multiplayer mode now provides fighters exclusively as opponents.

Further, this latest version includes a god cheat, the ability to turn tighter maneuvers, and performance enhancements.

As always, you can try the demo for free.

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